We enjoyed the opportunity to imagine a palace of wellness by the shore Lake Garda.


The area of Lake Garda presents an interplay of architecture and nature. This relationship is the core of our proposal. 

Architecture and nature
Verona Collage

For centuries the peculiar identity of Garda Lake has attracted humanists, poets and painters to these shores, renowned for their nature and their culture. Given the heritage of this area, with enthusiasm, we accepted the offer to embark on this project.

We have had the opportunity to design and plan a wellness sanctuary set amongst the hills overlooking the lake.

The planning approach follows a sustainable philosophy with zero impact. We planned a camouflage building which blends seamlessly with its natural surroundings without altering its essence. The result is a complex that covers 2000 square meters under the surface of the ground offering beautiful and unusual views of the territory around Verona.

The building will be home to a wellness center, offices, a gym, a conference center for events and specialist training courses, and a restaurant. The restaurant is planned along the side of the building and a very large window that spans its length allows for breathtaking views of the lake.

cocnept_Tavola disegno 1_Tavola disegno



Multipurpose Center

 Integrated landscape

Aerial View

Aerial View

Top View


Top view

Ground Floor

Ground Floor

 Underground floor

 Underground Floor


Alongside the sustainability of the materials used for construction and maintenance of the building, we planned a system for collection and reuse of water that guarantees a saving of 35% of the total amount that would otherwise be needed.

In conclusion with this project, we married a sensitive and sustainable approach respectful of the landscape and of the surrounding architecture and an innovative way to showcase the territory of the hills around Verona.