The clients had asked to project an extension of their home in London.

Sketch Studies

Option 1 - Stepped Roof.jpg
Option 3 - Gable Roof Asymmetric.jpg
Option 2 - Flat Roof.jpg

The scope of the project was to replace the existing conservatory with a new extension to maximize the internal floor area. The brief included a new living room opening onto the generous garden and an intermediate space between the interior and the exterior.

Our solution extended the interior to allow for maximum surface and the glazed back wall is fully stackable behind an exterior timber screen, to join the internal and the external living areas.


Backyard view


Indoor Fireplace

Steel Portal frames

Timber Screen

Outdoor Fireplace

Plan View

Living room

Access to the “in-between-area” is from the side and to enhance its fluidity we opted for a canopy that covers only partially the space and a series of timber screens/louvers to define its boundaries.

The roof is equipped with two skylights to improve natural light and the east elevation of the extension is glazed and exposed to the morning light.

We implemented natural materials using wood screens and the roof will host a grass matt to improve insulation and reduce heat absorption in the summer months.

The landscape strategy seeks naturalization by removing the overextended hardscape and replacing it with a softer grass lawn.


Under Development